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Body Awareness.  Breath, mind control and balance.


Knowing the intention of each movement will help you discover which muscles to use, which muscles to release and how to properly engage the deep muscles. ​Each person's body is unique and requires slightly different guidance.  


  • A focus on education and proper form.

  • A process of listening. To your body and to the mind and learning tools to direct it to preform with less stress and more focus.

  • Your program is designed specifically for your body, your injuries etc.,  

  • Walk and move with grace, poise and proper alignment, "feel light".

  • Increase your body awareness, flexibility, balance and strength.

  • Become pain free and acquire a deep understanding of your body in motion so that you will be able to train anywhere.

  • Ellen will only see first time clients on a private one on one basis, after 3 to 5 sessions you may join a group.