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Recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, OC Therapists & Doctors


Therapeutic Pilates with Ellen Croft

Master Trainer - Pilates Method and other modalities.


Overview Our focus begins with education on conscious body movement and introduces a unique system of postural restructuring. Each client receives an individual protocol based on injury, length of injury and reports from medical practitioners. Collaboration continues with medical professionals during therapy as needed.

Postural Restructuring 

Ellen’s distinct method utilizes Pilates equipment and will help develop core strength and stability essential for postural correction, improved skeletal strength and personal pain management. Her custom therapeutic techniques: 

• will help achieve optimal body alignment

• can be used for pre-op and post-rehab development

• focus on education & conscious body movement

Treatment Goals 

To help individuals move from one-on-one instruction to small groups, and eventually into larger settings where they are able to maintain confidence and strength with improved body carriage. Treatment goals:

• develop core fitness

• obtain independence

• successful pain management 

• ability to perform maintenance exercises at home

• to return to a full, active life

Background Owner and operator. Ellen Croft Pilates Studio, Santa Barbara, California. Over 27 years experience in the fitness industry. Worked extensively with executives, celebrities and amateur and professional athletes, including Olympians, NBA football players, notable dancers and nationally ranked figure skaters’ coaches. 

Collaborates with doctors, professionals and corporations to assist with structural and functional mobility and people seeking relief from injury and pain. 

Able to motivate clients to reach their maximum potential based on positive focus, expert training and personal experience. Has survived two life-threatening illnesses, is a 25-year cancer survivor, and spent the last 11 years focused solely on the fitness philosophy of Joseph H. Pilates.

Significant Accomplishments 

Pilates Master Trainer. Certified with The Pilates Institute, Physical Mind Institute, and ISSA. 

Inventor. Supreme Pilates, sold worldwide and recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons; holds several international patents, and trademarks. 

Founder: Croftco Inc., the licensing entity for Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates. 

Rehabilitation Trainer: RTW. Rehabilitation Technology Works, San Bernadino, California. Installed a Pilates treatment studio and trained physical therapists and occupational therapists on utilizing the equipment. Designed treatment plans for patients with back and neck injuries utilizing Pilates equipment. Conducted studies on patient progress and recommendations for home treatment therapies. Trained and certified occupational therapists in the methods of Joseph H. Pilates. 

US Olympic Trainer. Lake Arrowhead, CA. Created an onsite Pilates studio, worked with nationally ranked figure skaters and Master coach Mary Counce. This involved observing athletes on ice, analyzing jumps and landings and creating work-out routines to improve balance and ability. 

Canadian Olympic Trainer. Assisted Olympic equestrian team coach with both riders and their horses. 

Producer/Writer: Produced and starred in six training DVDs under Brand name Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates. Created and produced “Help Wanted”, an award-winning health documentary revealing the worldwide shortage of radiation technology therapists. Sold to Rogers Media, Canada. 

References Available upon request.